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About PDF E-sign

To organize a convenient document exchange process, many companies use electronic document management. It helps to save time and get signed documents instantly without waiting for originals by mail. A digital signature is an effective way to protect documents from changes and guarantee the authenticity of the author. A digital signature certifies that the signed document has not been altered by third parties without the consent of the author. A digital signature is commonly used to verify the authenticity of the content of a document. The signature of a PDF document is based on a digital certificate issued by a trusted certification authority.

To create a signature, you must be the owner of a digital certificate. A certificate can be obtained from various digital certificate organizations (such as VeriSign), which act as a trusted intermediary to ensure the authenticity of the digital signature. Certification authorities issue and authenticate certificates that are owned by individuals or organizations. Although this product is not unique in its kind, but unlike other companies, we provide you with free use of it at any time.