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About PDF Page Numbering

Recently I got a huge document in PDF format, and I had to do several operations with it, and among other things, put down page numbers. The task was complicated by the lack of source, only the PDF itself. I was rushing to look for the truth from any multifunctional editors, I suddenly thought, is there really no small program that would put the page numbers? Headers and footers can contain the date, automatic pagination, Bates numbers for legal documents, title, or author's name.

You can add headers and footers to one or more PDF files. You can use different headers and footers in the same PDF file. For example, you can add one header for odd pages that displays the page number on the right, and another header for even pages with the page number on the left. When adding a Bates number, you can specify the number of digits, the start number, and the prefix or postfix to add to each Bates number.