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About PDF to DOC Converter

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a versatile electronic document format. It was initiated by Adobe and was originally intended for electronic presentation of printed materials. Hence, the tasks of this format follow - storing information about the color scheme and the arrangement of elements, as well as ensuring identical output on different monitors and printers. PDF documents can be opened using the free version of Adobe Reader or a web plug-in that is available for most Internet browsers. In some browsers, in particular, in Google Chrome, this format is supported even without the plugin installed. You can edit PDF files using the paid version of Adobe Reader. Also, there are a huge number of programs for both opening and working with this format, and for converting to other formats.

A DOC file is a document created in one of the most popular software systems for working with text documents Microsoft Word. It is worth noting that any versions of Microsoft Office suites include the presence of the Word software. The DOC format can store a fairly large amount of various information, this includes various information about text formatting, information about alignment, indents, lists, paragraphs, and so on. Such format files can contain not only a text document with certain information, but also all kinds of images, tables, as well as scripts and diagrams. You should know that DOC files store data about the parameters of the document itself, in addition, the office suite from Microsoft assumes that the file with the DOC extension will also contain information about printing.