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About PDF Creator

PDF is much more convenient than many other formats for various documents, texts, even in some cases for drawings and pictures! How do you create a PDF file? In the modern version of Word, PDF creation is reduced to simply saving the document in the desired format. In the Browser, you can save any web page to PDF via the document print function. You can also create PDF using special programs such as Foxit Reader and ABBYY Fine Reader. It is possible to create pdf from pictures in several ways. Pages in a PDF file are much more functional than their paper copies. Unlike the latter, they can contain embedded audio and video files, as well as hyperlinks for instant access to other parts of the document or external resources.

In addition, PDF files allow you to set various kinds of protection to prevent unauthorized reading, printing, or modification of files. There are several options to create a PDF file. Create a new document with blank pages; Create a new document from PDF or image files; Insert pages from other PDF or image files into the current document; Create a new document using a scanner; Import PDF pages from another PDF file; Insert blank pages into an existing document; Create a new document using Virtual PDF Printer.